What Special Licenses and Permits in Germany?

What Special Licenses and Permits in Germany?

What Special Licenses and Permits in Germany?

For which trades and industries are which special permits required? 

As there are many special permits and exceptions in Germany in each area, the following takes a closer look at the opening requirements of a start-up business.  This article focuses on a whole range of industries and activities that you can not easily register without having to provide specific admission requirements or permits. Lawyers and the tax accountants know most of them, but there is an extensive list of activities that includes many other less known and more exotic industries.

Licensed trade from A to Z
• Accounting assistant
• Agency
• Ambulance
• Animal trade
• Auctioneer
• Auditor
• Betting
• Catering industry
• Day Care center
• Debt Collection Agency
• Elderly care
• Environmental Appraiser
• Estate Agents
• Finance leasing
• Financial Services
• Gambling
• Game machine installation
• Games with Profitability (Events)
• Gaming hall
• Housing broker
• Insurance brokers
• Internet Auctions
• Investment agency
• Investment brokerage
• legal advice
• Lottery
• mediation
• Medicine
• mobile stalls
• Passenger transport (taxi etc.)
• Pawnbroker
• Pedicure (medical)
• Pharmacist
• Podiatrists
• Postal services
• Private employment
• Property developers
• Real estate Agents
• Road Transport
• Security (buildings or persons)
• sworn loan
• Taxi services
• Temporary Employment
• Tourist accommodation
• Trade (e. Builder, Painter, Plumber)
• travel industry
• Vending machine installation
• Weapons


However, there are also common “special permits” that should be highlighted. The following  includes common special permits such as:

  • Criminal record certificate
  • Dangerous goods voucher (ADR)
  • Delivery zones for loading and unloading
  • Driving on pedestrian zones
  • Exemption for the environmental badge
  • Fishing license
  • Gun license
  • Health certificate
  • Parking permit
  • Practice right (according to the title of craftsmanship)
  • Storage of special substances
  • Vehicles with special dimensions
  • Waste and disposal permits
  • Weekend transportation

However, please note,  German authorities (every city administration, every local authority, as well as every county and federal state) can set up and issue special permits for all sorts of imaginable activities and situations in their catchment area. So there are no nationwide information catalogs, your start-up may vary from district to district in terms of exceptional and special permits.


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